I made these clowns for my niece and great nephew. The girl clown is made from tissue paper that my sister-in-law's baby shower gifts were wrapped in. A nice way to remember the baby before they come into the world. These dolls are made from mat board and then covered with cloth. Their clothes are made from tissue paper. Their faces are paint, pens and beral pencils. Their hair is made from curly bows or paper basket filler. I used fancy edging paper scissors to trim the edges of the collars and the bows.  I used stickers to decorate the dolls. I used glitter glue to cover their shoes and I used stamps to decorate their clothes.



Danny Front View ->

They are jointed at the elbows, knees, hips and shoulders. You can pose them. Danny's socks and gloves are painted. Willie's flowers are paper cast.

<- Danny Back View

Willie Front

Willie Back

If you are interested in making these dolls you can contact me by clicking the logo below.