Cowboy Santa

13 " Cowboy Santa made from a Three Wishes Doll Kit.

March '97

Red Shirt, Blue Jeans, Fuzzy Chaps, Cowboy Boots and a 10 Gallon Hat.


This Santa was made from a kit produced by two wonderful ladies in Tucson. They are painters by preference but slipped into doll making. The kit contains a wonderful book of instructions for making santas and creating painted toys for his nap sack. Since I am not a painter, I haven't ventured to make the toys, yet. The book contains  sailor santas, frontiersmen santas, cowboy santas, Victorian santas and Noahs.

The technique is simple.  You take a porcelain Santa head, repaint his face, add string where his hair is and Walla you have a good looking santa ready to be what ever you want him to be. The ladies also have some great tole painted furniture for Santa. A writing desk, a wingback chair and other things. It is a neat project, fun to do and can be easy if you want it to be or more challenging if you have a mind to.

A word of caution, I found the clothing patterns to be a little off so as the saying goes "Always fit your pattern before you cut."  Three Wishes can be contacted at the following address:


Three Wishes

decorative art

10841 E. Placita de Pascua

Tucson, Az 85730




Red Shirt Red star and red micro gingham cotton material. Pattern from the book. I added a yoke and modified the sleeve to have a long cuff. Yoke is machine appliqued in place with sulky gold metallic thread. The shirt has snaps and I added red rhinestones to simulate pearl snaps.
Blue Jeans Blue denim material. Brass stud used for button on fly. Pattern from the book.
Fuzzy Chaps Brown fuzzy felt. LJ Studios pattern. Used rhinestone stud holders as conchos pulled leather fringe through the hole.
Cowboy Boots Christmas Tree Ornaments.
10 Gallon Hat Used the pattern in July 1994 Doll Crafter.