Nancy's Ball Gown

18" Nancy Ann Walker

Dress is based upon Mary Hoyer's Miss Neptune Outfit for a 14" Mary Hoyer Doll.

Black taffeta, Olive green tulle. Bronze beads and a hot pink ribbon rose decorate the dress.

Bronze leather sandals.

March, 1997


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The Hoyer dress pattern came out of the June/July 1986 Doll Reader. Mary's patterns are simple and fun to make. Sewing skills need not be high to make this dress.

The design of the dress is a tight fitting strapless bodice connected to a circular skirt. The bodice has darts in the front and back. The back bodice sweeps low across the back. The netting overskirt is about 2" longer than the underskirt. Seed pearls or beads are attached to the overskirt with a small 3 stitch running stitch, which is drawn up to create a gather. The beads are placed in a diamond pattern. Her wrap is a rectangle of net gathered on one short end and then attached to one of the shoulder tabs. The wrap is then pulled up and over her head and slipped under her arm. A half slip of gathered net is worn under the dress.

Her necklace is made from beads which came from a piece made in the 40's or 50's. Her sandals are based upon a pair of 1950's Italian sandals. See Sandal's from the 50's.

My color scheme came from the necklace and my mother's memories, but you could just about do any color you want. Mary's sample in Doll Reader was made from lime green taffeta and white netting with white pearls.

If you are interested in this type of clothing then I recommend the following book. It does not contain the Miss Universe patterns but does have a picture of them and there are similar dress patterns within the book. You could also contact Doll Reader. They published several of Mary's patterns in the mid and late 80's.

Mary Hoyer and Her Dolls, by Mary Hoyer, Hobby House Press, Inc. ISBN 0-87588-282-X.