These little lovelies are  based upon a pair of sandals from Nieman Marcus (circa. 1950's)

Bronze colored leather. Flat soled.

October, 1997

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I found the original sandals when I was at a doll show here in Phoenix. The lady was selling a trunk full of 1950's vintage high fashion doll clothes and there was a pair of sandals included in the trunk. The original pair were made out of a gold metallic finished leather. I made the bronze pair to go with the Mary Hoyer dress pattern. See Nancy's New Dress.

The pattern and instructions will be included later.

Note about the trunk: The label on the clothes said Nieman Marcus, Made in Italy. There was a gray wool day suit, with rolled collar. A blue and purple cocktail dress. A wool dress, a black and red circular skirt, wool pants and a bathrobe. All of the outfits fit the 18" Miss Revlon perfectly.