A Gentleman Caller
Cloth over Paper Clay
Pattern by Lisa Rynda
September, 1999
This gentleman has a paper clay head and feet. He is jointed using wooden beads. He is covered with cotton/lycra knit. His hands have a wire armature within them so that he can hold things. His costume is made from upholstery fabric, stretch champagne velvet and gold and black lame. His coloring was done by chalk pastels. His coat is structured in a very interesting way. It is one piece and very easy to make. Lisa's sense of design is very good and her instructions in her patterns are detailed enough to make sure that the least experienced doll maker can succeed in making that perfect doll.
Lisa taught the "Paws" class at Precious Hands in Tucson, Arizona. This is a pattern you can buy from her. If you would like to contact Lisa click on this link to go to her site. 
She is a wonderful teacher. She has a very easy way of teaching students ways to sculpt and make more of the complicated dolls, like this one. She has a fun sense of making dolls and she always has chocolate. I have really enjoyed her classes.