Angel of Bethlehem

And lo, the Angel of the Lord came upon them

Based in part on a pattern by JoAnn Pinto

October 1998

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And the angels came. Can you hear them? This angel is listening to them. In its hand is the star of Bethlehem and at its feet is the small town of Jesus' birth, Bethlehem. The angel is rejoicing in the moment. It is not everyday that you get to witness one of the most important events of all time.

This doll was commissioned for a silent auction at the St. Xavier College Preparatory School. The theme for the event was Let Heaven and Nature Sing.

The doll is 21" high. It has a cloth covered paper clay head, and wire armature.Several techniques were used to make the angel. JoAnn Pinto's head and arm techniques and Akiko Anzai's body construction techniques. She stands on a black base with the inscription from above "And lo, the Angel..." scripted around the edge of the base. In her hand is a glass star made from crystal glass beads. She is carrying a horn.

Her costume is made up of several styles of clothing from different periods. Her red velvet surcoat comes from the 12th century. It is trimmed around the neck line and the edges of the sleeves with crystal glass beads. The white dress under the coat is from the late 1940's and is made up of a top skirt of white chiffon, the second skirt is white crepe backed satin and the third skirt is crushed navy blue velvet. The blue skirt is inside out. This is so the owner can pull the skirt up into the angel's hand and expose the town of Bethlehem which nestles between the angel's legs. The angel's ruff is from the 16th century and her head dress and hair style is from the 15th century. The veil for the head dress is white chiffon and edged with tiny white pearls. Her legs are covered with navy blue cotton that has gold stars printed on it. Her wings are made from a technique I learned from JoAnn Pinto. Taking a muslin wing form cover it in entirety with small pieces of cloth cut out as tear drops. JoAnn uses the technique on her own angel pattern.

I want to thank all of my teachers, JoAnn, Akiko, Barbara, Julie, Leslie, Nancy and so many more, for giving me the tools to make such a doll. With out them she would have never been made and I would not have had the joy of creating her. And she was a great joy. My first attempt of going it alone and creating something out of thin air. (With a little help from my friends).

To see more pictures of the doll click here.

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