Goddess of Light

This is the first water bearer I made. She is based upon JoAnn Pinto's  Seasons of My Life doll. She represents the essence of life. She holds a mask of old age. The coat is a color of winter or of death. But under the mask and the coat is a young woman. She is covered with signs of power, stars, moons, water,  the horned hat, 

the seeing eye. Her coat represents the stages of life, from old age (the outside of the coat), which can become featureless at first glance to youthfulness (the inside of the coat), which is bright and colorful.  The coat lining is a gold yellow with suns stamped on the material and iridescent beads scattered among the suns. 
Also, amongst the suns are words of power like love, happiness and kindness.  Her body suit, a dark gray knit,  is covered with twisted rayon cords of blue, purple, orange and green. These cords shape the water sign on her body. She also has strands of sequins swirling about her torso. 
 The coat is crazy quilted using upholstery materials, tea dyed bridal lace, antique crochet pieces and various yarns. On the back of the coat is a tree of life. The tree is made from different kinds of yarns. The tree has ribbon flowers, and buttons shaped as birds, flowers and grain, all of which are in the same color scheme as the rest of the coat. The coat also has the water sign upon it.
If you would like to know more of how I did some of costume techniques click here.
The doll is made with a cloth covered paper clay head. She is armatured and has wired fingers. She has a mohair wig and is colored with chalk pastels. Her mask is made of paper clay and covered with cloth. JoAnn has not offered this doll as a pattern but she is teaching the Water Bearer. If you are interested in one of her classes you can contact her by clicking here. If you want to see one of JoAnn's Water Bearers click here.