This little girl is about 8" long. Made from a pattern by JoAnn Pinto.

Cloth covered paperclay head. Cloth body.

August, 1997

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This doll was made in a class given at Precious Hands Quilt Shop, Tucson, Arizona by JoAnn Pinto. She is a wonderful teacher for the dollmaker that is ready to expand their horizons and really reach for something other than a pancake doll.

The class was three days, spread across three Fridays. It was a very challenging class but Joann in her gentle way led each student through the process of making the head and creating the body. The intent of the class was to learn human structure and then expand the imagination and create a creature of beauty.

She is a teacher, I highly recommend.

The above doll is a pattern and JoAnn does have a pattern line.

JoAnn Pinto, P. O. Box 88008, Colorado Springs, CO 80908-8008

You can also see her dolls and buy the patterns on Mimi's web site.