This was the first doll I made at Doll U '95. So Julie was the first teacher I had ever had for soft doll making. I can safely say that 1995 was the year of my coming out. I never looked back. I really enjoyed the experience of being taught by three very fine doll makers/teachers, Julie, Christine Shively and Barbara Willis. These are the ladies that got me started on making better dolls and going places with this art form that I had never been before. I do recommend going to one of these conventions at least once. The experience is unbelievable.

Nymph is made from cottons and actually are the scrapes left over from the one and only quilt top I have ever made. Her head and lower arms are made from brushed velour. She has purple chenille yarn for hair. The bodice of the dress has been beaded with bronze beads. She has the small brown animal eyes Julie likes to use. She has hinged or tab joints at the elbows and knees. The bottom of the skirt has been zig-zaged instead of hemmed. A nice treatment if bulk is a problem.

If you would like to try some of Julie's patterns then visit her site at Magic Threads.