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10" Soft-sculpted
Made in
an Internet class
at Doll Street
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"The moment of discovery, the feeling transcends the mundane and presents the soul with the greatest sense of satisfaction."

Lonnie Bullington, 1999


Joy is a doll made in the class "Wings" given by JoAnn Pinto at Doll Street University. She is a very fun pattern to make. The charm of the doll is not realized until the wings are placed upon her back and she comes alive at the blink of an eye. You can just see her start to flutter her wings and at any moment remove herself from your presence.

If you would like to see more of the doll click here. This pattern is available from Soft Dolls and Animals, Winter 1999.

The doll is soft-sculpted and has a wire-armature. She is dressed in hand dyed cottons, green organza and champagne stretch velour. She has orange mohair and gold fringe for hair. She wears a velour body suit and a small green organza skirt. Her over dress is made of hand dyed cotton with orange and blue designer threads stitched over the top. Her wings are made from green organza.

The technique I used for the wings was to make copies of the the wings JoAnn provided in her pattern. I cut out the copies of the wings and flipped one of each kind over and copied the veins on to the back of the copy. This gave me a complete set of wings. I then placed the copies on to the organza and with straight stitch I outlined the wings and sewed over the lines of the veins. I removed the paper and placed tissue paper (next time though I am going to use Solvy's soluble) under each of the wings. I then replaced my zig-zag foot with a braid foot. This foot has a guide that provides the machine with the ability to stitch over the top of braid or fancy thread very precisely. I then pulled through the braid foot orange rayon ribbon and a blue metallic designer thread. This I sewed along the internal veins using the straight stitch as my guide. I made sure that the ends of my thread never ended some place inside of the wing. This may mean that you have to go over the same line 3 or 4 times but it is worth it because the finished look is more professional. I then took 24 gauge wire. (Mine was green) and fed that through the braid foot. I did a satin stitch following the outline of the wing. Make sure that you have a nice long tail of wire when you start. After finishing the outline I removed the tissue paper. I took black fabric paint and then went over the stitching on the back of the wings.

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