Queen of the Little People

18" High Made from a pattern by JoAnn Pinto

Soft Sculpted Cloth body

November 1997

Queen of the Little People
Oh can't ya see? The lady be prancing through the moon lite night. She be waltzing with the little people. Do ya see the moon beams lightin' her way as she vandangles with the small one in her hand?

This is my version of JoAnn Pinto's Taking Flight pattern. She is dressed in white silk chiffon and embroidered white silk organdy. Her legs and body are covered with green ribbon. She has a cape retainer of purple and green glass seed beads. The leg technique is using rayon ribbon floss and applying it to the legs with clear nylon thread. I used a pencil and lightly marked on the leg where the floss was to be placed. The pattern on the legs was just an adaptation of quilt stippling.

You can't see it very well but her crown is a brass jewelry finding, folded in half and gently bent into a curve. I glued seed beads on to the crown.