Seamus And Lucy
Gypsy of the Treasures Challenge
Doll U '99

Seamus and Lucy were my entries in the "Gypsy of the Treasures Challenge" at Doll University 1999. Seamus is a pattern by Lynne Butcher of the same name. Seamus is made from silks and velvet. The only thing I did to the pattern was to scale it down to fit Lucy. The silks are all hand dyed. I went to a quilt show and picked up a packet which contained various small pieces of fabric, ribbon and beads. From this packet I made Seamus. This type of idea would make a wonderful challenge for a doll club. No pattern just the materials. Would be really neat to see what the members came up with.
Lucy is my first original doll. She was made under the tutelage of Jo-Ellen Trilling. She is wire sculpture with batting surrounding the structure. The batting was then covered with faux fur. Her legs and face are covered with white nylons and then painted over. She is decked out in fancy parade garb.  The umbrella is another story (click here).