LJ Studios

A Journey With Dolls

Welcome to LJ Studios. At the Studio the focus is dolls, doll making, doll costuming and communicating about the world of dolls. It is hoped that this site will help all types of doll artists.

Contained within the site are costume patterns, accessory ideas, doll patterns, links to related subjects and more.

The virtual museum contains dolls of various artists. Some well known and others just starting out. With each of the dolls there is information about the artist and the techniques they used to make the doll and when the doll was made.

We now have a new cloth doll club. Its name has yet to be determined but I have started a site to tell you what the ladies in Phoenix are doing. Right now all we have is a news letter. In the future there will be the standard stuff for a doll club site.

Enjoy your journey with a doll.

Updated 03/31/03